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When it comes to B2B eCommerce, content is possibly even more critical than in the B2C sector. Content marketing still leads as one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for companies to grow in the B2B eCommerce space. Not only does content increase a brand's visibility, but it also educates and persuades potential customers to take action.

High-quality product information is important in order for buyers to know exactly what they’re buying and the research shows that 47% of online B2B buyers rely on product content when making a purchasing decision.

Be a One-Stop Product Information Shop

To make the buyer journey easy for research and to convince customers that your products and services are worth the investment, they need in-depth product data.

They’re looking for solutions and searching for answers to their problems. A pretty picture and a 50-word product description just won’t cut it anymore.

The market research firm FocusVision polled marketing executives at B2B companies with at least 500 employees and $50 million in annual revenue and they found that buyers consume an average of 13 pieces of product content before deciding on a vendor. Those 13 product content pieces break down into an average of 8 vendor-created pieces and 5 from third parties. Notice the top source of content in all stages of the buying journey.

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This goes to show how critical your website and your product content strategy are in the customer’s buying process.

Create an Immersive Commerce User Experience

Be sure to create content that will provide your customers with:

  • A set of rich media assets and documentation including How-To videos, guides, product manuals, installation instructions for field teams, etc.
  • Detailed product descriptions and product attributes that focus on business benefits and customer success
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions including how to solve problems

If the idea of providing all of this product content to your customers seems daunting at first, keep reminding yourself that it’s really one of the best business opportunities you have today.


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The Power of the Testimonial in Online Sales

It is crucial to the overall user experience and the sale to provide reviews and testimonials that elevate your brand’s reputation. B2B buyers want reliable suppliers that provide quality products, timely shipping, quick reordering options, and great customer support.

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Now is the time for B2B commerce to focus on tweaking their digital identities, data quality, content creation process, and use of social media channels. Aim to perfect all your touchpoints and the multiple channels you connect with customers on. This will ensure you deliver qualified leads with targeted marketing to build an efficient and enjoyable customer experience that creates more brand advocates.

This six-part blog series takes a closer look at the components of a B2B eCommerce buyer's new journey. To read more, visit our blog.


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