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Offering Multiple Payment Options to B2B eCommerce Customers

With new channels, integrations and buying experiences, integration of new payment options (including new forms of financing) are natural steps forward in B2B eCommerce.

B2B Payment Methods

Today’s B2B buyers expect they will have an option to complete a transaction using the payment method of their choice. The more options you have for accepting payments means you remove barriers to completing a sale and the better chances you have to close it.

Credit cards still reign supreme as the preferred payment method at about 94%, though checks, terms, and purchase orders are still key for B2B buyers.

On the rise are mobile wallets like Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 63% of B2B companies are now offering mobile wallets as an option to their business customers along with multiple payment gateways such as third-party financing, ACH, corporate accounts, and punchout.

ACH is expected to be the payment option that ousts checks as the top B2B payment method. It’s more flexible for buyers than credit cards with fixed limits which makes ACH transfers ideal for large orders.

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Traditional Payment Options

  • Online Payments - Credit Card (94%)
  • Paper Check (51%)
  • Online Credit/Terms (53%)

Payment Options On The Rise

  • Mobile payments / Mobile Wallets
  • 3rd Party Financing
  • ACH, Check
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Procurement Punchout

Punch out is a method and technology for businesses to purchase directly from a supplier’s eCommerce website or B2B marketplace without leaving their own procurement application.

Barriers to B2B Buying

What are the top barriers to purchasing B2B products and/or services through websites at your organization? This can usually be attributed to one of two main issues. Either the website doesn’t support different payment methods needed or it doesn’t support negotiating complex agreements.

Unfortunately for sellers still offering only the older payment options, the B2B buyer is changing and their expectations lean towards a more streamlined purchasing process.

As the wholesale buyer base skews toward millennials (who just flat out won't buy from a bad site), merchants who capitalize on modern payment options such as mobile payment options will be able to maintain a B2B eCommerce website that meets the expectations of today's buyers.

Why Offer Multiple Payment Options

Flexible payment technologies are the future of eCommerce, and those who embrace the future are the ones who’ll succeed in the long term.

By making online transactions more flexible, with less friction, lower costs, and virtually no risk, wholesalers and distributors can create a more user-friendly customer experience.

Ultimately, this will make a significant difference in how customers view you, shop from you, and perceive your brand.

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