eCommerce website rescue services

Website Rescue Services

Pulling your hair out? At your wits end? Ready to call it quits?
Don't pull the plug yet. Let Smart Solutions get you back on the right track.

Your website shouldn't make it hard for people to buy from you.

And yet, that's what you've got, right? A broken, underperforming eCommerce website that's costing you money, rather than making you money - and that's a huge problem.

Problems We Solve...

No matter how you got here, we can help.

  • You aren't seeing tangible results from your eCommerce replatform project
  • Your new eCommerce site is slow, with a lot of performance issues
  • Working with your agency feels like an uphill battle and they can't keep up
  • Your new website doesn't integrate with your back office systems

  • The "ongoing support and maintenance" service you have is horrible
  • Your agency has no "skin in the game" - they do only what's asked with no strategic advice or guidance

How It Works





Code & Data Audit


Rescue Specification


Deployment Strategy


Implementation Plan


Testing & QA


Ongoing Support

Step 1:
Assess the Situation

We diagnose your immediate challenges and needs, and we get to know your business. With that intelligence, we will build a customized site rescue plan that aligns with your eCommerce strategy. Whether you need support or for Smart Solutions to take the wheel, your plan will be built for your unique situation.

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ecommerce website rescue step 1: Assess the situation
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An Investment in Partnership

A tremendous part of our initial experience with Smart Solutions was learning so much so quickly. Their team invested so much time into teaching us in order to ensure we became more independent. It was an investment in our partnership that really set Smart Solutions above the rest.

Kelly Krayewsky, Director, Brand Marketing & Government Affairs

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Magento Expertise is VITAL

“Comprehensive Magento expertise is vital. Smart Solutions knows the questions to ask so we can anticipate problems before they happen and position ourselves best for the future. We need that in a partner because we are not, and cannot be, Magento experts ourselves.”

Rick Corcoran, CEO and Founder, Everspoon

Step 2:
Your Development Work Begins

Once we have your plan, our eCommerce website experts roll up their sleeves and get to work creating the site you should have had all along. Whether we're looking at a massive overhaul or tweaking what's there to address performance issues, we get it done.

Let's Get to Work

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Rescued From a Dire Situation

“We were in a dire situation with our original Magento store built by a previous agency. We reached out to Smart Solutions to rescue our site - and they did. They were patient, professional, understood our roadblocks, and helped us get the store up and running in a short period of time and within a budget. We were impressed. They are now helping us with maintenance and new features. Highly recommended!”

TJ White, Website Administrator, Defenders of Wildlife

Step 3:
Launch Your Newly Rescued Website

This is why you came to us. Once your website build is tested and completed, we will bring it to life ... and you can breathe a sigh of relief, because your website is no longer a liability to your bottom line.

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Step 3: Launch Your Newly Rescued Website
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Revision Military

Ongoing strategic partnership after a site rescue, upgrade, and Adobe Commerce Cloud migration.

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