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Will Magento Open Source Continue to be Supported with the Adobe Acquisition?

Immediately after Adobe announced its plan to acquire Magento in May, the “big question” among retailers, agencies, and others in the eCommerce space has been “What are Adobe’s plans for the Magento Open Source platform (previously Magento Community) and will this platform continue to be supported?”.

Many retailers and eCommerce community members were and still are looking for the facts, especially with the Magento 1 end of support date now approaching. While exhibiting at IRCE this June, the Smart Solutions team was surprised by the number of retailers asking us if the Adobe acquisition would mean the end of Magento’s Open Source edition.

As a certified Magento eCommerce agency with a significant investment in the platform, we dug deeper. We conducted more research and even spoke directly to Magento and Adobe. This is what we learned.

Yes, Adobe Will Continue to Support and Invest in Magento Open Source

Matt Asay, head of Adobe’s developer ecosystem, underscored the critical role Magento’s robust global community of contributors, partners, and developers play in driving innovation. He reinforced Adobe’s commitment to open source and collaboration. “Together, we’ll deepen our commitment to open, developer-driven experiences. We couldn’t be more excited about the limitless possibilities.”

About the Magento Open Source Community

Magento has more than 300,000 developers, 800 technology partners, and 350 system integration partners. Active engagement with open source communities and standards has been an increasingly vital tenet of Adobe’s and Magento’s engineering culture.

Magento’s Open Source Community Helps Businesses Keep Pace

Magento is open source at its core. In this advancing and developing eCommerce industry, the developer community becomes mandatory for enterprises who hope to keep pace and innovate.

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