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How Improving eCommerce Site Search This Holiday... or Anytime Will Drive Higher Conversions and Sales

It’s time to give back to your customers and at the same time treat yourself to an uplift in revenue.

Have you ever heard the phrase “I’m so busy” or “I’ve been crazy busy” or any iteration thereof? These days it seems like the frequency of the phrase has exponentially grown. With demanding schedules people are constantly on the go and expect instant access to information to help them make their decision as quickly as possible. So, when it comes to online shopping, which already has a reputation for being speedy, let’s make things as easy and as fast as possible.

Site Search Is an Extremely Valuable Tool in Helping Shoppers Find What They Need

eCommerce site-search is undoubtedly the quickest way for someone to find what they’re looking for on a large and complex site. Site-search helps visitors get around the website’s navigation structures that may be confusing to them, specifically if the site is constantly adding new content. As the site continues to grow,

With statistics showing that 80% of site visitors will leave a site if the search function is poor, it is vital to implement a search functionality that is intelligent, relevant, and customizable to meet the demands of the most critical shopper and of course business owner. Site-search tremendously benefits retailers by providing them with an easy way to understand their customer’s intent, allowing them to make modifications to further boost their site’s performance, usability, and conversions.

Nextopia’s intelligent site-search automates the search process with the use of machine learning algorithms thereby eliminating the need for human intervention. Additionally, it ranks best-performing results based on customer behavior providing shoppers with real-time feedback with every keystroke. This completely hands-off solution revolutionizes how on-site search operates, delivering higher conversion rates and revenue compared to standard search solutions.

Improved eCommerce Site Search - By Nextopia


Shopper frustration is real so why serve them up with irrelevant products?

Nextopia’s intelligent site-search predicts the most popular results, based on customer searches, to display the most relevant and accurate product outputs. Through self-learning techniques, Nextopia can help shoppers find the things that they are looking for while helping merchants convert shoppers into returning customers. It’s a win-win for all.

But wait, there is more!

Nextopia’s site-search customizable options enable merchants to promote specific brands, reduce stock levels, or showcase products with highest margins – ensuring prime spots on the website are utilized most efficiently and remaining product results are automated based on the self-learning techniques. This truly transforms a static, one-size-fits-all website into a dynamic, customer-centric set-up that engages each customer and improves customer satisfaction.

Help your shoppers check off their wish lists quicker than Santa so they can spend the remainder of their time with their loved ones. And remember, by giving your customers the gift of time you can increase your revenues by more than 30% with Nextopia’s Intelligent Site-Search.

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