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Create The Perfect Holiday Cart Abandonment Emails

Your holiday marketing is already underway but no matter how well you plan your holiday campaigns, there’s still one big fear: Cart Abandonment. There are many reasons why consumers abandon carts - shipping costs, other fees, total cart cost, or simply life’s distractions while shopping. This is where well-timed cart abandonment emails come in.

Abandoned cart email strategies – particularly during the holiday season – are a proven way of bringing online shoppers back to your store to boost your chances of revenue. A Barilliance study found that 1 in 5 online shoppers who opened and clicked on a link within a cart abandonment email made a purchase with the average order value of purchases being 14.2% higher than from regular promotional emails.

While most businesses already know that an abandoned cart email strategy is essential to their company’s growth, they have no idea how to make sure that their campaign works during the holiday season. Right now the shopping landscape is more chaotic than ever and it takes the right strategy to ensure you can cut through the clutter. Check out our 6 tips to create the perfect holiday shopping cart abandonment email strategy.

Create a Sense of Urgency

You can create a sense of urgency or “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO) in your buyers by adding a countdown timer. Countdowns timers psychologically trigger the ‘fight or flight’ instinct in online shoppers and push abandoners to complete their purchase.

Keep it Simple

As mentioned above, people are under a lot of stress during the holiday season so be careful with the way that you use your abandoned cart email strategy. While building on the stress with FOMO can be useful in some cases, it can also overwhelm your audience.

Use the Right Call to Action

Your goal is to convince people to come back to your store and buy. However, during the high-stress holiday season, don’t overwhelm your customers with anything too demanding. Instead, think about how you can phrase your CTA in a personal and engaging way that makes people want to buy something that you’re selling. Instead of instantly telling people to “buy” the item they’ve left in their basket, try something more subtle, like requesting shoppers to “visit your cart."

Get Up Close and Personal

If you collect the right data to enable it, personalization can go a long way. It could be as simple as “Dear [First Name],” or include key information like cart item names, pricing, and images. A picture can help jog a shoppers memory and stir their desire to own that particular item.

Discount Strategically

Your customers may well be leaving items in their shopping carts as a way to prompt you into offering them a sweeter deal. This is one of the reasons why cart abandonment emails have such high open rates – and even more so during the holiday season when shoppers are often tight on money. Use this to your advantage by offering your buyers small, strategic discounts before announcing a sitewide sale.

Target Conversions With An Email Series

Don’t put all of your shopping cart abandonment email eggs in one basket (one email). The rule of thumb is to send three. All should follow roughly the same pattern. This pattern first reminds the customer of their cart, then suggests that they should finish their purchase, and finally ends with an incentive to do so.


An abandoned cart is never a guarantee for a lost customer. If a well-crafted email campaign is developed and deployed, all is not lost. It’s simply an opportunity to engage with your holiday shoppers in a different way.

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