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In our most recent article, we introduced our eight favorite BigCommerce features. While that evaluated BigCommerce’s functionality in and of itself, here we’re sharing our favorite customizable BigCommerce apps.

Any eCommerce retailer can integrate these apps into their BigCommerce website to improve efficiency, increase ROI, kick their customer service and engagement up a notch, and so much more. Follow along as we break down the apps that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.


With so many apps available to integrate into your BigCommerce website to make it optimal for your business, manually managing all of that could be cumbersome. That’s where this first app is quite possibly the most useful and most important of all the applications we’ll highlight. In order to streamline processes and ensure efficiency, Atom8 arrives with just the right amount of “we’ll take it from here” that you’re looking for.

Atom8 connects all other apps integrated into your site and (like the name implies) automates workflows. Atom8 describes itself as “easy & scalable automation for all busy BigCommerce merchants,” alleviating business owners from remedial and repetitive, time-consuming tasks. 

Tasks like inventory management, sending shipment information directly to your logistics team upon completion of every purchase, customer lifetime spend tracking, emails to your customer service team if an order isn’t fulfilled within 7 days, etc. can be automated with Atom8. As we said, we feel this BigCommerce app truly is the king of all BigCommerce apps and offers a big return on your investment.


It’s clear: the checkout process should always be a simple one. With Bolt, it’s just about the simplest it can get. Bolt is a one-click check-out application that plugs into your BigCommerce store. But what does “one click checkout” mean?

Bolt is a network that shoppers can sign into, become a member of once, and can forever shop at all participating stores where they can make purchases with the click of a single button. It’s that simple. And with Bolt’s network of members, online retailers have a built-in supply of customers at their fingertips when they sign up.

Bolt also offers a myriad of pre-built integrations, removing a retailer’s need for the help of a developer. From customizations that streamline shipping and those that calculate tax, to fraud prevention customizations, and even back-office workflow optimization, this BigCommerce app is one that you’ll love. 

“Sales are up big time with Bolt. But I think the biggest thing for us, other than the massive increase in conversion rate, is confidence.”

Jay Tannenbaum
CEO, Headlights Depot

Bolt CheckOut 

Are you selling products on your eCommerce website? Instagram? In your brick and mortar store? Do your customers shop via desktop as well as mobile? Then this omni-channel BigCommerce app is for you. 

Feedonomics, a true omni-channel product data optimization application provides and implements data-driven solutions for your online store and brick-and-mortar retail space. This app manages and continually optimizes your retail presence across over 100+ data sources. To quote BigCommerce, “With BigCommerce and Feedonomics, Midmarket and Enterprise merchants can seamlessly list, optimize, advertise, sell and fulfill products across 100+ channels.”

Implementing Feedonomics into your BigCommerce application roster means investing in efficiency, in ease-of-access, and in convenience that is unmatched. Considering the ease with which this app improves shopper experience and gives retailers peace of mind and time back in their day, we are singing its praises.

feedonomics - Edited-1Klaviyo

Meeting customers right where they are is essential. But do you, as a business owner, have time to write and send personalized emails to your current and potential customers? Absolutely not. Do you also have time to follow up via email with shoppers who abandon their carts? That’s also a no. That’s where Klaviyo comes in.

Klaviyo is an automated email and SMS marketing service application. It automatically sends emails to current customers, potential customers, and those who’ve abandoned their shopping carts. It provides recommended product emails to customers whose behaviors have been monitored over time. It also handles SMS text message marketing. Not sure which email or text campaign will be most successful? Klaviyo provides A/B testing integration to any campaign of your choice.


It’s great to highlight all the ways that apps can enhance customer experience when things are going right. But what about when things go wrong? When a customer has a question? When the sale is dependent upon a quick and concise response to a customer’s need? Gorgias can save the day.

Gorgias is an eCommerce help desk where customer support tickets, shopping habits, purchase history, and more are all housed in one, easy to find, easy to navigate space. Gorgias also comes with an automated response function where FAQs can be answered immediately. This immediate response function could mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. That alone is what turns this help center into a profit center for your online store. 

Refund, discount, and order editing are all offered at the click of a button for digital retailers. This no-muss, no-fuss solution definitely makes our list of BigCommerce apps that increase ROI.

GorgiasWishlist Plus by Swym

According to Wishlist Plus by Swym, “Conversion rates are 20-30% higher than those who don’t use Wishlist Plus and customers spend 30-50% more per purchase.”

The vast majority of shoppers will review and ponder on purchasing a product before ever actually buying it. Therefore, it stands to reason that it would be in the best interest of a digital retailer to make it as simple as possible for your potential customer to re-visit the products they’re considering. This is why we recommend Wishlist Plus by Swym. 

Wishlist Plus allows customers to make an unlimited amount of wishlists full of items they’d like to purchase in the future. Want a sweater wishlist? Go for it. A list of your favorite household decor items? Done. Big price items that will take a bit to save for? Look no further than Wishlist Plus. 

According to Wishlist Plus by Swym, “Conversion rates are 20-30% higher than those who don’t use Wishlist Plus and customers spend 30-50% more per purchase.”

Another great feature of Wishlist is the ability to share wishlists with others. If a customer wants to drop a not-so-subtle hint to a friend or loved one, this app makes everything as simple as possible, which means one more path to profit for your business. With easy customization on the backend to seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce website, this app is definitely a stand-out.

Wishlist Plus by Swym - Edited

The use of wishlists, as we just mentioned, is a huge plus for those not ready to make a purchase. But what if customers ARE ready to make a purchase, but need to or prefer to space payment for their item(s) out over a matter of weeks? That’s how Sezzle captures customers who would otherwise have been on the fence about making a purchase. 

With a very clear “Buy Now, Pay Later” process, customers get an immediate approval decision, and can move forward with their purchase of items they want to receive now and pay for over time with 0% interest. 

In a paycheck to paycheck world, this option has exploded in popularity. It’s in the best interest of any online retailer, especially one with high dollar value products, to incorporate this app into their BigCommerce site. Capitalizing on the needs of every customer is what increases your return on investment and that’s just what Sezzle is here to do.

sezzle-new1 - Edited


Once your customers have made their purchase, they’ll want to know when it will arrive at their door. As digital retailers, you may have experienced having a customer reach out regarding a lost shipment. 

Despite the onus most likely on the shipping provider, you’ve most likely had to replace the item or refund the purchase. Either way, your business has lost money. With Aftership, that’s a thing of the past. From warehouse to doorstep, Aftership shows you and your customers precisely where their item is and when they can expect it. 

From the customer perspective, there’s nothing like a seamless purchase and receiving experience to drive brand loyalty. Having partnered with over 900 carriers, Aftership promises to provide the information your customers need to know when to swing by the office to pick up their paper shipment or when to head to the front porch to get their next subscription box of clothes and accessories. With Aftership, unknowns are a thing of the past, increasing your eCommerce business’ chance of customer satisfaction and retention.

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According to The Forrester Wave™ B2C and B2B Commerce Solutions Q2, 2022, “BigCommerce is the most trusted B2C and B2B commerce solution provider.” With such a plethora of applications to choose from to increase the efficiency and UX of your eCommerce site, it’s no surprise. The apps recommended here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to options available to any digital retailer using BigCommerce. 

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